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Task 2.1 Identifying innovative farmers (M1 – M4)
Task-Lead: LTO in collaboration with GLZ, Teagasc, RHEA, APCA, LWK, TRAME, AWE, SLU, CNR, PULS, WIR, SV, AIA & LRC

The selection of farmers to be involved in Task 2.2 will be done with the support of the following organisations and existing groups:

  • Chambers of Agriculture or other public services in charge of agriculture
  • Agricultural NGOs: livestock breeder associations, Farmer’s Union, advisory services
  • Private sector: dairy factories, cooperatives, farmer’s newspapers
  • EU-supported development groups: Operational Groups and Local Action Groups (LEADER)
  • Other existing development groups such as CETA (Centre of Agricultural Technical Studies) and existing national groups of innovative farms
  • Experienced farmer’s advisors.

Farmers will be chosen in the main farm types of the different countries (dairy, beef & sheep) and selected because they are leaders at innovation (they develop ideas and bring them to fruition), they are not representatives of the whole farmer population. Within countries, representativeness of regions is not an objective. The emphasis is put on farm types and innovations. Numbers of innovative farmers per country to be selected for interviews (Task 2.2) and case studies (Task 2.3) are presented on page 24 in Part B.

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