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Task 4.5 Development of national Wikimedia or websites and sharing knowledge capital among linguistic groups (M7- M36)
Task-lead: RHEA in collaboration with GLZ, Teagasc, WLR, IDELE, APCA, LWK, INRA, TRAME, AWE, AERES, SLU, LTO, CNR, PULS, WIR, SV, AIA & LRC

The objective of this task will consist in sharing knowledge capital within the e-community. The information produced in WP2 and consolidated and enriched in WP3 will be spread in each country by different means (drafting of practice abstracts, leaflets, production of video clips), and placed on a Wikimedia platform or an existing national website of a partner organisation. A Wikimedia site has an added value compared to internet discussion groups because it is better structured. It can conserve information in an adequate format over a long period of time. Parts of the site will be totally open; other parts will be restricted to defined groups of people. The wiki website will include sub-sites for different topics with specific memberships. All information produced by the project in WP2 and WP3 will be accessible on national Wikimedias or existing websites. Videos will also be placed on YouTube. Confidentiality and data property issues will be precisely assessed. Sharing information among countries is an essential added value of such a broad network and it is important to deliver the resource to farmers in their mother languages. This will take two ways: a way upwards from each country knowledge capital with translation of the national production into English and stored onto WP4 and a way downwards from English into WP4 towards each country. In practice, in each country, the organised and unilingual information of Tasks 2.5 and 3.4 will be translated in English and transferred by the national coordinator to the multilingual IMS of WP4 (way upwards). In the IMS, information will be reorganised and synthesised by national coordinators by bringing together the information from all countries and by pointing out the most innovative practices and combinations of practices. Our concrete objective is to produce at least 100 practice abstracts describing innovative practices or combinations, and all associated material including video clips. This new and larger information set will then be adapted to country specific characteristics and needs by national coordinators and practice abstracts will be translated from English to local languages (way downwards). The video clips will be adapted through a system of sub-titles. This large amount of information on innovations will thus be shared with the community of farmers of all associated countries.

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